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Q. When is it best to travel to Britain?

This really depends on what is important to you; the weather and climate, price of your trip and visiting special events may all be factors. The British Summertime (June, July and August) is the most popular time for holiday-makers offering warmer weather and longer daylight hours for sightseeing. However Springtime and Autumn/Fall also offer their own appeal with the countryside in different colours and fewer tourists. Prices reflect the seasons; many accommodations charge more through the popular Summer months but can offer some great deals out-with. Specific towns and cities will also be more expensive during public holidays and at times of local events and festivals. Britain's larger centres of population (especially London) remain popular city-break destination throughout the year and over the festive period.

Q. When should I book my trip?

As far in advance as possible. The earlier you book the more likely we are to be able to secure the accommodation and means of transport that best suit you. Many areas of Britain are popular visitor destinations for domestic tourists and international visitors alike. We don't want you to have to compromise on your tour! Airline schedules are usually released a maximum 9 months in advance and we recommend booking those first and your land package soon after.

Q. What type of trip should I book? Do I have to rent a car?

No, you don't have to rent a car. We have vacations including various means of transport to suit everyone's preferences; if you don't want to drive in the UK you may choose to travel independently by rail or join a set coach tour, or mini-coach tour. You may even choose to have your own chauffeur/driver-guide conduct a private tour. For more information on how is best for you to travel, please click here. [How to Travel?]

Q. Can I book my flights with adeo Travel?

No, adeo Travel do not book flights to the UK, just your travel arrangements when you are here on the ground in Britain. We are, however, happy to offer independent advice on routes, schedules and carriers in to Britain. Likewise we can offer advice regarding our British airports and where is best to arrive and depart for your vacation. Airline tickets can usually be booked no more than 9 months in advance and you can usually achieve the best deals by booking early.

Q. Do I have to book my whole trip with adeo Travel?

No - the beauty of a customized vacation is that you can book as much or as little with us as you like. Many of our Guests may be visiting friends and family for parts of their stay in Britain or may already be in Britain when they want to begin their tour with adeo Travel. All you need to do is tell us when and where you want our services to start and end and we will plan the reservations around you.

Q. What level of accommodation will I be staying in?

When you enquire we will ask you about your accommodation preferences. We have a range of lodging types in our portfolio including hotels, B&Bs, castle hotels and other unique accommodations. Whatever your budget and requirements we have the right hotel for you. For more information about accommodation types, click here.

Q. How do I trace my family history?

Many of our guests travel to Britain to trace their ancestors and genealogy. Below are some links to websites and online resources that many of our guests have found helpful:


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Q. How is it best to get in touch?

Any way you prefer! You can call us, email us or submit our online enquiry form.

Q. Do I have to stick to the itineraries on your website?

No. If you want to book one of our itineraries as they are laid out then that's great. However, many of our guests choose to have their trip tailor-made to suit their own specific needs and preferences. Our Britain experts will be happy to customize your trip whether it involves tweaking one of our sample itineraries or designing an entire itinerary from scratch.

Q. What information will you need from me?

In order to put together a customized itinerary and quotation the main information we need is:

  • Number of people travelling
  • How you would like to travel / type of tour you are looking for
  • Your dates of travel and length of your trip
  • Name of any specific itinerary/ tour you want to book
  • Level of comfort of accommodation
  • Any other requests of places/attractions you want to visit or interests you may have
Remember, the more information you provide, the better we can tailor make your perfect itinerary.

Q. Can I travel with children? Are there any discounts for young travellers?

Yes, of course you can travel with children and yes there are discounts. Children will generally receive discounted travel tickets/passes and attraction entry. Hotels and B&Bs also usually offer discounted rates for children when sharing a room with two paying adults however please note that most accommodations will have a limited number of family rooms available - early booking is essential. A child is generally considered to be someone 16yrs or under, though for some suppliers the cut-off age for child rates is 12yrs old. Please advise us in advance the age of any children travelling with you and we will check for discounts on your specific itinerary/quotation.

Q. Are there discounts for seniors?

In Britain, a senior is generally considered to be someone over 65 yrs of age. Unfortunately car rental and hotel/B&B accommodations are not normally discounted for seniors though you may receive discounts on travel passes and certain attraction entrance fees. If you are over 65 yrs at the time of travel please let us know as we can check to see if any discounts apply to your itinerary.

Q. Can I get a quote in my own currency? What happens if the exchange rate changes?

At adeo Travel we can quote and process payments in US Dollars or British Pounds. You can choose which you would prefer however for ease most of our guests from North America prefer to be charged in US dollars. We may change your quote due to large currency fluctuations but once you book your trip we lock in the price so there are no surprises or supplements at a later stage!

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Q. What's the difference between B&Bs, Guest Houses and Hotels?

B&Bs and guest houses are usually small establishments with just a handful of rooms that they let to the public, they provide just overnight accommodation and breakfast. Hotels are generally larger with more rooms and offer extra services such as restaurants for evening meals. For more information and a glossary of accommodation terms please click here.

Q. What do you mean by a twin room and a double? How big are the beds in Britain?

A twin room is a room for two people with two beds (normally single beds). A double room is a room for two people with one double bed large enough for two people. Standard sized beds in the UK do tend to be smaller than those in the US and Canada. For more information on bed-sizes and a glossary of accommodation terms please click here.

Q. How much do I pay for your service?

Nothing! We contract all of our suppliers and using our buying power negotiate the most competitive rates which we can pass on to you, our guests. The customized quotation that we provide is all that you pay - there are no hidden charges or service fees. On the rare occasion that we do have to charge a booking fee, we tell you - simple!

Q. Can you provide an itemized breakdown of my quote?

Unfortunately, we can't break down all of your costs - as part of our contractual agreements with our suppliers we must always provide their services as part of a package. This is why they give us the best rates which you benefit from. But remember, the more items you include in your package, the better the package price we can provide.

Q. My quote includes car rental, do I need a special licence and is there an age limit?

You do not need a special licence nor an international licence to drive in the UK; your home nation's licence will generally be sufficient as long as it is valid and is in English language. Age limits apply to some of our rentals. For lots of information on renting a car as part of your package with adeo Travel please click here.

Q. Why should I book my trip with adeo Travel?

We offer expert advice to plan your trip, a simple and hassle-free booking process, quality accommodation and travel suppliers and excellent value for money! We are also on the ground here in Britain and on hand to answer questions or resolve local issues you may face during travel offering complete peace-of-mind. For our top ten reasons to book your Britain vacation with adeo Travel click here.

Q. Will I find a better quote for my tour elsewhere?

No. As we tailor-make all of our vacation packages you won't find the exact same trip anywhere else! And by negotiating the very best rates on your behalf we ensure that your trip is competitively priced compared with booking every individual element separately (before you even take in to account the telephone costs, booking fees and credit card charges of booking everything independently). When you add in our unique expert advice, toll-free contact numbers, booking service, pre-Travel Information and the peace of mind of a local contact during travel, I'm sure you'll agree that your quote with adeo Travel is of unbeatable value!

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Q. You have provided me with the perfect itinerary, how do I book?

Simple, just complete and submit our straight-forward online booking form and then contact us by telephone on (USA Toll-Free 1-866-209-4554, UK International +44 (0)2921 660 747) with your payment details to hand. We accept the following credit cards:

Q. How much do I have to pay up front?

We hold your payment details on file whilst we confirm all aspects of your package. Once everything is booked to your satisfaction we process a deposit of 20% of your vacation value. Upon receipt of your deposit, your trip is confirmed with us! The remaining balance is then due 8 weeks prior to travel.

Q. Do I need to provide you with my arrival and/or departure details?

You don't have to provide us with these details but we strongly recommend that you do. We use this information to cross-check your tour dates and share the information with any relevant suppliers such as your car rental provider, transfer service or escorted tour operator. Even if you don't begin your trip with us upon arrival in Britain, is always good for us to know when you depart your home nation so that we can ensure everything is finalized and in order before you embark on your travels.

Q. What guarantees do I have when booking with adeo Travel?

adeo Travel is a legally registered company in the UK, company number 8278458. As a tour operator based within the European Union we are bound by an EC Directive established in 1993 which requires all UK tour operators offering package holidays to adhere to the PTRs (Package Travel Regulations). These regulations require all tour operators (ourselves included) to fully protect your pre-payments and ensure that, in the unlikely event that something happens to us, you are guaranteed to either receive your vacation as planned or a full refund of all your deposits and monies paid in advance.

Q. What are your Terms and Conditions?

We try to make our terms of service provision both fair and simple to understand. For our full terms and conditions please click here. Alternatively, simply ask your adeo Travel Britain expert and they will be happy to forward a copy of our terms and conditions to you in pdf format.

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Q. What currency do you use in Britain? Where can I get money during travel?

Throughout England, Scotland and Wales we use Pound Sterling (GBP £). You can get money in advance of travel or from banks and ATMs when you are here. For lots of information on money matters, please click here.

Q. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, it is a condition of travel with adeo Travel that you have adequate travel insurance protection. Travel insurance, dependent on provider and policy, will usually provide cover for unexpected occurrences such as flight delay, loss of luggage or personal items, any required medical treatment during travel and if you are forced to cancel prior to travel for any variety of reasons. We do not sell travel insurance at adeo Travel however we are happy to point you in the right direction if you do not have a policy. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance as early as possible before your trip to ensure you have maximum cover. For more information on travel insurance please click here.

Q. Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport to travel to Britain; please check the expiration date of your passport to ensure that it is valid for the duration of travel. It should also be valid for a period of at least six months after travel in case your return home is delayed for any reason. If you do not yet have a passport you can still book your trip with adeo Travel but please ensure that you order your passports in plenty of time as passport offices can be slow at processing applications!

Q. Do I need a travel visa?

People travelling from the USA, Canada, Australia and from within the EU do not usually require travel visas, you will just be asked to complete a landing card during your flight to Britain. Guests travelling from other destinations may require a visa to enter Britain, please check with your local British embassy or check online with the UK Border Agency at the following link:

Please note that adeo Travel cannot assist with the application of visas.

Q. Can I amend my booking?

Yes, we will always do our utmost to make any required amendments to your booking if your circumstances change but bear in mind that late changes may have availability implications. Whilst we will waive them wherever possible we do reserve the right to apply amendment fees as per our Terms and Conditions.

Q. When will I receive my Travel Documents?

We will usually issue your travel documents after you have paid your final balance for your vacation so that you have them in plenty of time to check all the details and browse through the information at leisure. Some tickets and passes however cannot be issued until closer to the time of travel in which case we will advise you when you make your final payment. For late bookings we can sometimes issue you with printable e-tickets or we can arrange for your travel documents to be waiting for your at the airport or your first accommodation.

Q. What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

If you need to cancel your trip, simply get in touch with us and we can process the cancellation. We will usually have to retain your deposit or apply a cancellation fee however if you have travel insurance you will normally be able to claim these back. For full details of our charges, please see our terms and conditions. For more information on travel insurance please click here.

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Q. What should I bring with me?

We always recommend that you travel light if possible. Check the long term weather forecast before leaving and bring appropriate clothing. Don't forget an umbrella (in case of showers) an electrical adapter to fit UK plug sockets for your electrical appliances. And of course a camera to get snaps of everything you see. For further information on what to pack, click here.

Q. Can I use my US cell phone in the UK?

Nowadays most cell-phones will work when travelling abroad especially if your phone is a "tri-band" phone (ask your mobile/cell-phone provider). Most cell-phone networks however will charge overseas or international tariffs so it is best to check all charges before you depart so you know what you'll be paying. If you want a low-cost way of making calls whilst you're here in Britain you may choose to purchase a "pay-as-you-go" sim-card (chip) to put in your cell-phone, this will give you a UK number and allow you to call locally. For more information please ask your adeo Travel Britain expert.

Q. I'm travelling and have a question, what do I do?

Call us! In your travel documents you will receive the business card of your Britain expert with a local telephone number within the UK. Pop this card in to your purse or wallet so that you have it with you during travel - it will contain our office number for calls during working hours and an emergency number if you need to call us of an evening or weekend.

Q. I have bought an expensive item; can I claim back the tax?

Yes! You can claim back VAT tax on items that you purchase in the UK but are taking out of the country back to your home nation. For more information on what items you can claim tax back on and how to do so, please click here.

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